BAUDRY and the ALISTA group at the Industrial Subcontractor Exhibition in...

Salon Industrie et Sous-traitance du Grand Ouest

BAUDRY and the association of Furniture sector companies announced their presence at the Industrial Subcontractor Exhibition in Nantes with their Totem.

The ALISTA subcontractor network, of which BAUDRY is a member, offers an original blend of their know-how, combining diverse materials: 10 dedicated totems and 5 common totems showcase their new technical and aesthetic solutions.

The totems are used as educational tools, to which have been added recommendations and skill sets for proposing to visitors innovative ideas.

The totems were created through the collaborative work with designer Sylvie Charbonneau and the member companies of the ALISTA network to develop a material mix as varied as to include wood, metal, leather, plastic, etc.

All have contributed to bringing an original solution to multiple markets. This co-operation has provided customers with the strength of an additional services network, custom solutions (design, production manufacturing, etc.) and a selection of qualified partners.

Interior design, furnishing (home, urban, office, etc.), mobile home, nautical, rail, etc.


Salon du Midest 2013