Baudry solutions for the construction industry


  • Industrial joinery
  • Stair case/door frame
  • Partition/cupboard
  • Electrical equipment
  • Profile manufacturers
  • Modular cells
  • Second fix company





Solutions to your issue

Innovative solutions from Baudry SA:

Technical and Standardised:






Bâtiment applications 1

Enclosure: moulding wrapped in painted veneer

Bâtiment applications 2

Cupboard profile: stitched leather wrap

Bâtiment applications 4

Door frame: moulding wrapped in painted veneer and machined


Bâtiment applications 3

Veneer-wrapped frame

Bâtiment applications 5

Roller shutter housing: assembled and machined

Bâtiment applications 8

Electrical switch: in machined wood and varnish

Bâtiment applications 7

Electrical raceway: wrapped in painted veneer


Our products

  • Frame
  • Roller shutter housing
  • Enclosures
  • Guard rail
  • Electrical raceway
  • Electrical component housing
  • Frames
  • Handrail
  • Oculus
  • Base board
  • Handle
  • Joinery profile
  • Shelf
  • Hatch
  • etc.