The BAUDRY team

Our sectors of activity

  • Furniture (furniture, kitchen, bathroom, beds, cupboards, etc.)
  • Fitting (hotel industry, shops, shipyards, etc.)
  • Leisure    (mobile home, sailing, camper van, etc.)
  • Construction industry (industrial joinery, stair cases, door frames, etc.)
  • Transport (railway, tramway, etc.)
  • Décor (point-of-sale advertising, table accessories, luxury, etc.)




Special technical features

  • Multi-media wrapping: solid wood, spliced wood, MDF, chipboard, PVC, aluminium, pultrusion, steel, etc.
  • Multi-covering wrapping: veneer, paper, faux leather, leather, stitched leather, polypropylene, aluminium strip, CPL (laminate), PVC, fabric, etc.
  • Laminating and wrapping: for interior and exterior applications
  • Bonding: high-performance
  • Edging strips: heat transfer, ABS edging, PVC edging
  • Technical machining of panels: lathed, plywood, spliced laminated wood, water-repellent, fire-retardant (M1), exterior grade MDF, compact, composite, thermoplastic, melamine-faced chipboard, laminate
  • Finishing: lacquer, varnish, stain, patina
  • Treatment of specific surfaces: hot stamping, screen printing, laser-etching, pad printing, brushing, sanding