Baudry SA: From heeling shoes to industrial wrapping and machining

Baudry SA: over 40 years of industrial history

From artisan craft to an industrial organisation, Baudry has progressed from manufacturing heels for shoes to technical solutions for machining from solid wood and composites, and  wrapping of multi-covering components on multiple media, contributing décor solutions.

Key dates:

1971:  inauguration of the BAUDRY company. It used industry funding for the manufacture of heels and furniture legs.

1984: sale of the heeling activity.

1985: launch of furniture handle activity.

1991: the Becob company took a stake of 70% of the capital.

1996: launch of component wrapping activity. The Becob company secures 100% of Baudry SA capital.

1998: the Becob company is taken over by the Pinault Printemps Redoute group.

End of 2001: the company is sold to Mr. Herter, with the support of a venture capital company.

2011: Yan Le Neve, Fabrice Guiet and Catherine Pitard, executives within the company, take over the reins of the Baudry company.


Today, the Baudry company has a team of 75 associates, all sharing a common goal: to find technical, innovative and décor solutions for their customers.